Prodotti Bruciatori Automatici BSA

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BSA Model

BSA 250-4800

BSA-250-4800 Automatic Burners D'Alessandro Termomeccanica
Brochure GS 130-230 GS 130-230 (kw)

Technical Features

Cast iron burner with mechanical feeding system; Cylindrical combustible feeding hopper with mechanical stirrer; Variable speed screew for automatic feeding; Primary and secondary combustion air system; Fire-fighting system; Voltage: 230 V up to 120 kW, 400 V from 130 kW up to 4800 kW.

Power Table (kw)

Model BSA 120 BSA 250 BSA 600 BSA 1200 BSA 2400 BSA 4800
Efficency (kw) 25-120 130-250 300-600 650-1200 1300-2400 2600-4800

Combustibles Materials

Wood ChipsWood Chips
Nut shells and almond shellsNut shells and almond shells
Olive husksOlive husks


  • Rotary valve (to prevent flame return into the hopper)

Optional Optional