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CSA GM model boilers

CSA GM 30-100 (kw)

CSA GM-30-100 Boilers D'Alessandro Termomeccanica
Brochure csa gm 30-100 CSA GM 30-100 (kw)

Technical Features

Type “Marine” four-ways smoke boiler with water production for heating; Boiler shell in steel at 3 bar pressure; Doors for internal inspections and boiler cleaning; Cast iron mobile grate burner; Cylindrical combustible feeding hopper with mechanical stirrer; Fire fighting system in the hopper; Rotary valve to backstop flame; Screew for automatic combustible feeding into the combustion chamber; Refractory panels; Ashes extractor device; Primary and secondary combustion air system; Voltage: 230 V up to 100 kW, 400 V from 130 kW up to 4100 kW.

Technical Features of mobile grate burner

Dry basement complete with mobile grate mechanical burner, equipped with cast iron bars resisting too high temperatures.
The mobile grate feeding system allows the use of solide combustible materials such as wood chips, crushed wood waste, etc., with high humidity (max 50%) and thickness (about 15 mm). The horizontal movement of the grate avoids the forming of solid crusts in order to have the best combustion. The wide surface grate is completed with grate movement system, electric board for the grate movement device, sub-grate primary combustion air fan and one or two secondary combustion air fans upper the grate (depending on the output). The mobile grate is inserted inside the steel dry basement, completely coated internally in the combustion area with bricks and refractory material; it is externally insulated and painted. The basement is equipped with an ash extractor system composed of extraction screw, gearbox for the movement of the screw and ash collection box.

Power Table (kw)

Nominal Outputs 30 45 60 80 100 130 180 230 300 400 500 650 800 950 1300 1650 2000 2700 3400 4100
Firebox Outputs 34,9 52 71 94 115 154 212 271 353 470 588 765 941 1118 1530 1940 2355 3175 4000 4825

Combustibles Materials

Wood ChipsWood Chips
Nut shells and almond shellsNut shells and almond shells
Olive husksOlive husks


  • Electronic board for combustible automatic ignition, fire maintenance and modulation for CSA 30-100 GM mod. boiler
  • Electronic control board (as specified above) with lambda sensor control device for CSA 30-100 mod. boiler
  • Electromechanical/electronic combined control board for combustible automatic ignition, fire maintenance, modulation and remote control system for CSA 130-4100 GM mod. boiler
  • Electromechanical/electronic combined control board (as specified above) with lambda sensor control device and remote control sytem for CSA 130-4100 GM mod. boiler
  • Retards for heat holding inside the tubes nest
  • Automatic combustible feeding system supplied with electric board and (min/max) screw level gauges on the hopper
  • Kit for sanitary water production, (efficiency output: from 20 to 33 kW; complete with exchanger plates, pump circulation, flow switch and three way valve)
  • Tube nest pneumatic cleaning system (cleaning efficiency 60-70%). Compressor excluded from 130 kW up.
  • Multi-cyclone for dust laying in the flue (flue and connections excluded)

Optional Optional