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CLS-P Model

CLS-P 24-33 (kw)

CLSP-24-33 Firewood Boilers D'alessandro Termomeccanica
Brochure Termocamini cls-pCLS-P

Technical Features

Firewood boilers for fireplace with pellet burner to produce hot water for heating and sanitary use; Three-ways smoke boiler shell in steel; Dry exchanger with stainless steel tubes to be inspected for cleaning operation; Copper heat exchanger for sanitary water production; Shutter in steel with high resistance ceramic glass; Wing for smokes deflection; Frame in steel with refractory material; Cast iron burner with mechanical feeding system; Hopper for the combustible material on right, left or back side (to be specified at the moment of the order); Variable speed screew for automatic feeding; Electric fun for combustion air; Rotary valve (to prevent smokes return into the hopper); Voltage: 230 V.

Power Table (kw)

Model CLS-P 24 CLS-P 33
Efficency (kw) 24 33

Combustible Materials

WoodWet Wood


  • Electronic board for combustible automatic ignition, fire maintenance and modulation.
  • Kit to combine firewood boiler for fireplaces with closed expansion vessel system gas and gas-oil boilers.

Optional Optional